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Tag: Somalia

Comedy used for good ends up in death

This sad story from the Associated Press, as printed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

Posted: Thu, Aug. 2, 2012, 7:04 AM
Somali comedian who dared mock militants is killed
By Abdi Guled
The Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia - A popular Somali comedian and playwright who mocked Islamist militants for brainwashing children and killing civilians has been shot dead.

The 43-year-old TV [...]

A Timeline of Trouble - Somalia’s history

The good folks at IRIN have published this chronology of Somalia’s political history leading up to the famine. It’s a terrific explainer of what has kept the Horn of African nation in such turmoil all these years. It covers some of the who, though mainly those within Somalia who have tormeted their fellow citizens. Left out [...]

Some numbers from Somalia

IRIN, the UN humanitarian news and analysis service, has a report this morning that gives some context to the emergency playing out in Somalia. Here are the first paragraphs of the story, but it’s well worth reading the entire report to get a deeper understanding of what Somalis are facing. Really, has there ever been a [...]

Children in the Horn of Africa

This hugely important story from IRIN looks at how children are faring in the drought-propelled humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. Too often, children get overlooked in these under-publicized emergencies. Cheers for humanitarian organizations, such as Unicef and Save the Children, and media outlets such as IRIN ( the Integrated Regional Information Networks from the U.N. Office [...]

What boys do in Somalia to earn money

This story from IRIN really got to me. I suppose shining shoes is better than being a child soldier. Either way, it seems, there’s a great chance they’ll be killed. A point worth making: In places and situations like these, the term street children  generally refers to boys. Let’s hope NGOs and appropriate agencies are [...]

Thank goodness for IRIN…

…because it reports hugely important stories like this that get late, little or no attention from the mainstream media. This story on Somalia underscores how children ALWAYS suffer tremendously from fighting.

MOGADISHU, 14 July 2009 (IRIN) - At only 14, Ali Hussein Sid is already the sole breadwinner of his family, his father having been killed [...]

Deja vu in Somalia

This news report from Agence France-Presse sounds a hell of a lot like the violence in 2006 that led up to the Islamic Courts winning power in Somalia from the transitional government. That government was created by Western powers from among Somalis outside the country, and had zero public support within Somalia. And it was toppled when the [...]

This in from Refugees International, on Somalia

This news release came to me from Ken Bacon, head of Refugees International. He and his group are trying to raise needed attention to the humanitarian crisis in Somalia as opposed to the glitzier issue of piracy. It is sad but true that piracy, being novel and exotic, is more interesting to many media outlets [...]

Dear President-elect Obama

Congratulations on your impressive victory. I won’t take much of your time as I make my plea for strengthening America’s soft power. You, far better than I, know that yours not only was a historic achievement when you won the presidency this month, but you will enter the Oval Office in January at one [...]