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October 2017
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Tag: Malaria

Clean aid isn’t an impossibility

Excuse the hint of exasperation in the title of this post. Oh, hell, no apologies for being fed up with humanitarian-relief organizations acting like Bernie Madoff. There’s just no excuse for practices such as the slipshod, unprofessional accounting and spending that the Associated Press reports on at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Crap like [...]

Of short-term thinking and shortfalls

This just in from the advocacy group, Results. If you ever wonder why pilot projects that have successful results aren’t replicated, this story shows one reason why: money. It’s as unsurprising as it is nonsensical. A longer-term perspective would clearly show that money overall was being saved by investing in upfront medical services. But, even when the global economy is in the [...]

A debate on bed nets

Stef Schiffer commented on my previous post about what Concern Worldwide was doing for World Malaria Day, arguing that bed nets was just a Western feel-good initiative. The comment included this site, with a well-done video.  Thanks to Stef for telling me about it. The people on the video, many of them first- and second-generation Africans, make a good [...]

Tomorrow is World Malaria Day

Thought I’d reprint a press release that i just got from the United States chapter of Irish NGO, Concern Worldwide, to illustrate how one organization is trying to combat the disease in sub-Saharan Africa.
The secret weapon in fight against global killer
April 25 is World Malaria Day
Malaria kills up to 1 million people each year—mostly children [...]