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November 2017
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Archive for 'international children's issues'

A Timeline of Trouble - Somalia’s history

The good folks at IRIN have published this chronology of Somalia’s political history leading up to the famine. It’s a terrific explainer of what has kept the Horn of African nation in such turmoil all these years. It covers some of the who, though mainly those within Somalia who have tormeted their fellow citizens. Left out [...]

Mental health in a disaster

This from IRIN:


humanitarian news and analysis
a service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs




In-Brief: First-aid guide for mental health in a disaster

GENEVA, 17 August 2011 (IRIN) - The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the publication of a first-aid guide to help field workers deal with psychological issues during disasters, [...]

Children in the Horn of Africa

This hugely important story from IRIN looks at how children are faring in the drought-propelled humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa. Too often, children get overlooked in these under-publicized emergencies. Cheers for humanitarian organizations, such as Unicef and Save the Children, and media outlets such as IRIN ( the Integrated Regional Information Networks from the U.N. Office [...]

Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis

This report from Refugees International advocates for such an important point — that a U.S. transition strategy for its involvement in Afghanistan must include a plan for people who have been displaced in all the fighting. The mainstream media has done a fairly lousy job of examing the humanitarian issues that have bubbled and blown up in both Iraq and [...]

What boys do in Somalia to earn money

This story from IRIN really got to me. I suppose shining shoes is better than being a child soldier. Either way, it seems, there’s a great chance they’ll be killed. A point worth making: In places and situations like these, the term street children  generally refers to boys. Let’s hope NGOs and appropriate agencies are [...]

U.N. Briefing, including update on LRA

 As a part of the “information media,” I just got this briefing from the U.N., which I dutifully pass on. I find the briefing’s transcript quite interesting. Note that the U.N. is expanding the peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo to protect civilians from attacks by the Lord’s Resistance Army.  ‘Tis the season, it’s [...]

Progress in fight against child trafficking

This just in from the group, ECPAT, an NGO that’s trying to protect children from prostitution, sex trafficking and pornography. 
ECPAT- USA, Inc .   
End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for sexual purposes


ECPAT-USA applauds passage of anti-trafficking bill in U.S. Senate, urges House to immediate action

Brooklyn, New York (December 13, 2010) – On [...]

Roman Tragedy

The news that Swiss authorities are freeing film producer and child molester Roman Polanski is simply sickening. The LA Times looked at the important question as to how Polanski’s original sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old girl compared against the sentences of others who committed the same crime and had the same plea deal, in which a person admits to [...]

Condolences for death of a northern Uganda activist

Nate Henn, 25, was one of the victims in yesterday’s bombing in Kigali, Rwanda of a rugby field where the World Cup final was being televised on a giant screen. Nate listed himself as a 2007 graduate of the University of Delaware. When I was on the Inquirer’s editorial board writing about Northern Uganda from about [...]

Again, I ask, how does the LRA survive?

Here’s part of a great story from IRIN that raises the same question: How can such a small group of rebels endure and cause such havoc in so many countries, including in the Democratic Republic of Congo as examined by IRIN. The story doesn’t give many satisfying answers, except to say that the LRA uses such brutal [...]