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Why people give-and why they don’t

I repost here a great story from those fine folks at IRIN on why Save the Children had such a hard time getting contributions for those affected by political violence in Cote d’Ivoire, while tens of millions of dollars was raised for Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims. Here it is. Visit the IRIN website for [...]

Follow-up on Pakistan floods

In my continuing effort to return the spotlight periodically to forgotten crises, this just in from Handicap International:
 February 1, 2011

WASHINGTON – For the last six months, Handicap International’s 500-strong team has supported people stricken by the flooding that has devastated Pakistan, affecting 20 million people and damaging 1.7 million homes. The [...]

Clean aid isn’t an impossibility

Excuse the hint of exasperation in the title of this post. Oh, hell, no apologies for being fed up with humanitarian-relief organizations acting like Bernie Madoff. There’s just no excuse for practices such as the slipshod, unprofessional accounting and spending that the Associated Press reports on at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Crap like [...]

A couple of different takes on the Haiti earthquake

Media, online and offline, are swamped with stories about the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince and other areas of southern Haiti. Most chronicle the slow and no rate of progress in the reconstruction, all from easily predictable circumstances and patterns of behavior. Here are two stories though that present straight-forward information, in [...]

An important one-year-after-the quake report

It comes from the nongovernmental organization Handicap International. Considering all of the crush injuries that resulted in amputations what this group did and didn’t accomplish on the ground addresses a critical aspect of this anniversary event. Read the report here.

Progress in fight against child trafficking

This just in from the group, ECPAT, an NGO that’s trying to protect children from prostitution, sex trafficking and pornography. 
ECPAT- USA, Inc .   
End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for sexual purposes


ECPAT-USA applauds passage of anti-trafficking bill in U.S. Senate, urges House to immediate action

Brooklyn, New York (December 13, 2010) – On [...]

Aid tourism

The writer of this opinion piece brings up issues touched on in my story on Haitian evacuees. He wrote this for the UK’s Guardian. Here’s the start of it and a link to the full story.
Save Haiti from aid tourists
The ‘republic of NGOs’ is in a vicious circle of dependence and institutional infantilism
Rory Carroll | The [...]

Crises off our radar screen

I don’t think I can overemphasize the need for those who work in or care about humanitarian crises to be able to multitask responding to emergencies. Decent people cannot say to those caught in a civil war, “Oh, you have to wait until we are done dealing with these massacre victims” or “Your natural disaster [...]

Aid workers as targets

It’s a phenomenon that’s disturbing to see: Armed groups targeting aid workers. It’s not a new phenomena, though its increasing frequency suggests that such attacks are becoming an accepted tactic by some, much as suicide bombing has been embraced by some armed groups as a legitimate tactic.
It’s not.
Suicide bombing and targeting aid workers purposely shred [...]

Condolences for death of a northern Uganda activist

Nate Henn, 25, was one of the victims in yesterday’s bombing in Kigali, Rwanda of a rugby field where the World Cup final was being televised on a giant screen. Nate listed himself as a 2007 graduate of the University of Delaware. When I was on the Inquirer’s editorial board writing about Northern Uganda from about [...]